understanding guilt: is it useful?

what is guilt? we usually think that guilt is a feeling. however, it is not a primary emotion like fear or happiness, sadness or even shame. it is more complex. when joe feels guilt over having forgotten his and mary’s wedding anniversary, a number of things happen. he needs to have a basic concept of… Continue reading understanding guilt: is it useful?

homelessness and mental health

i recently found out that my friend aaron zacharias wrote an article on mental health and homelessness. you can find it at heretohelp, an e-zine dedicated to mental health. the article shows very clearly how mental health and homelessness interact. tenuous mental health, especially when coupled with adverse events such as divorce, workplace accidents, or,… Continue reading homelessness and mental health

hungry, thirsty, confused – and dead

last sunday, a man was killed at the vancouver airport. robert dziekanski died after he was tasered by police at vancouver international airport. police say he was agitated, screaming, shaking and throwing things. he had been at the airport for 10 hours. i have no idea what exactly happened in this situation but it is… Continue reading hungry, thirsty, confused – and dead

more chinese love poetry

some posts back, i had started to offer a few more chinese love poems when i got interrupted by an angel … remember? well, today you can finally read those poems. this time, i’ll just tease you with incomplete poems – go to the original sites to enjoy the full versions. a song of changgan… Continue reading more chinese love poetry

celebrating my readers

blog posts are great. but comments are equally important. when you think of it, that’s similar to life. experts can talk all they want. what’s important is how their ideas are applied in real life. so it occurred to me that once in a while i should dedicate a post to comments, so that you… Continue reading celebrating my readers

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8 points on emergency preparedness for winter depression

the days are getting shorter. it’s raining. cold creeps in. for some people, yet another bout of winter depression, or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is just around the corner. chronic and recurring conditions – and for many people, depression falls under those categories – are manageable. we can learn from them: each time they happen,… Continue reading 8 points on emergency preparedness for winter depression

blog action day: interdependence with the environment

today is blog action day, a day on which bloggers worldwide post on topics concerning the environment. what is “the environment”? here is a merriam-webster definition the circumstances, objects or conditions by which one is surrounded; the complex of climatic, edaphic and biotic factors that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately… Continue reading blog action day: interdependence with the environment

anorexia, appetites, and avoidance

gaining by aimee liu is a fascinating book. it’s about surviving anorexia and bulimia, and about and for survivors of these eating disorders. however, it’s so well written, and such a great mix of scientific information, journalism and autobiography, it would be a joy to read even for people who are not primarily interested in… Continue reading anorexia, appetites, and avoidance

cultural aspects of mental health

today you can find me over at GNIF brain blogger. october 10 was world mental health day. it focused on cultural aspects of mental health. you’ll find tidbits about the mental health among the black and latino GLBT community; mental health in india, including an interesting link to the diary of a mother whose daughter… Continue reading cultural aspects of mental health

walking the talk, with balance

there was a bit of a flurry of emails today over a project dio diogenes is working on. some of these emails weren’t exceedingly friendly – but one stood out in its civility and straightfordwardness. so of course i had to immediately go and check that person out. it turned out to be lisa gates,… Continue reading walking the talk, with balance