random comments on depression

with over 1,000 blog posts, my memory of what has been written here is getting a bit fuzzy. to remedy that, i thought that once in a while i’d write a post about old posts. these here are reader comments on the topic of depression from looong ago: it’s hard to get past the stigma.… Continue reading random comments on depression

last minute ideas for earth hour

we’re scrambling madly last minute to come up with something fun to do for earth hour. are you, too? if that’s the case, here are a few links green daily – my favourite huddle in the basement with a shotgun and a case of canned ravioli and pretend it’s the apocalypse. flickr – i like… Continue reading last minute ideas for earth hour

november 2009 buddhist carnival

middle of the month: it’s buddhist carnival time! being all busy with NaNoWriMo, this is a quickie version – a little taste from the blogosphere, a buddhist smorgasbrod: a zen tale from secret forest the disciple threw stones in the water all day long. the next day, the master told him: “do throw a stone… Continue reading november 2009 buddhist carnival

blog action day

october 15 is blog action day. blog action day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. the aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion. the goal first and last, the purpose of blog action day is to create a discussion. bloggers… Continue reading blog action day

september buddhist carnival part 2

hello friends, i’m back with part 2 of the buddhist carnival. part 1 is here. the last one had a pretty clear theme – delusions and illusions. this one is a bit more all over the place except for the first two pieces, they have something in common. they’re a bit crude. meditation rant new… Continue reading september buddhist carnival part 2

albert schweitzer: reverence for life

the other day i found a little post on resonant enigma’s about reverence. these words here are inspired by this; in fact, it’s a slightly rewritten excerpt of a paper i wrote quite a few years ago in a course on environmental philosophy. here it is: my great-aunt mathilde had lots of books, but two… Continue reading albert schweitzer: reverence for life

quickie: enviro peeves

alexander over at planet thoughts asks, “what’s your pet enviro peeve”? what a great question! i’ve left a comment there (hope it’s approved by now) about plastic bags at the supermarket. another one of mine is public transit. coming from europe, and having lived in south america, i’m used to public transit in all shapes… Continue reading quickie: enviro peeves