dealing with guilt

the last thought in yesterday’s entry on the series on guilt was joy trebilcot’s words that in identity guilt – the type of guilt we feel because of who we are, not because of what we’ve done – “we imagine that we are in a rational system where we can be tried … and then… Continue reading dealing with guilt

two types of guilt

yesterday i started presenting joyce trebilcot’s dyke ideas, where she talks, among other things, about guilt. the topic yesterday was identity guilt, the type of guilt we can feel for who we are. trebilcot contrasts this with “official guilt”: what i call official or polite guilt stems from some particular violation of laws or rules… Continue reading two types of guilt

identity guilt and oppression

i just spent a little time reading through joyce trebilcot’s dyke ideas, a “passionate and insightful contribution to lesbian philosophy.” seeing that a little while ago we had an interesting discussion on guilt here on this blog, her thoughts on “identity guilt” and “official guilt” were particularly interesting. what i here call identity guilt is… Continue reading identity guilt and oppression

anorexia, obesity and sex – a discussion

there are some interesting comments on the anorexia and sex article (part of a series, the thread of which can be found at the end of this post). one commenter is “dude with a mission”. normally i’m a bit hesitant to engage in conversations with people who don’t leave a valid email address, but dude… Continue reading anorexia, obesity and sex – a discussion