bryan alexander improv

unable to hear internet legend’s bryan alexander’s keynote address at northern voice (the reverb was awful), i decided to turn it into an experiment. for about 15 minutes, i recorded the words i could hear (maybe every 10th word or so), then i categorized them and turned them into an improv style remix. here is… Continue reading bryan alexander improv

understanding mental health

may is mental health month. it might be useful to think about what we’re talking about here. what is mental health? there are many definitions out there. years ago i wrote a paper about my definition but i can’t find that paper anymore. so why not try again. let’s see … mental. health. mental mental… Continue reading understanding mental health

call for speakers for mental health camp

is there something you’ve always wanted to say about mental health?  here’s your chance – the call for speakers for MentalHealthCamp 2010. we are looking for session leaders who speak from personal or professional experience with mental health or mental illness. we will have 9 slots for prearranged speakers (e.g. approved by the selection committee),… Continue reading call for speakers for mental health camp

housing for people with mental illness and addictions

i have been asked to distribute this. please fill it out if applicable! CONTEXT The Community Support and Research Unit (CSRU) of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD) have partnered to support the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) on a nationwide research project on housing… Continue reading housing for people with mental illness and addictions