3 interactive health projects: weight loss, women’s health and body image

sunny image james jordan on flickrhey, friends … just a quick note today, to tell you about three interesting health interactive health projects here in the blogosphere (btw, that’s where blogospherians hang out, as anthony informed me the other day).

  1. the first one ends on february 4 so you better run. you could win a $50 gift certificate at target. all you have to do is leave a comment about 5 things you’d like to do this year for your physical or mental health. for women only, sorry!
  2. okay, now let’s move over to a guy. patrick weighs 500lb. he wants to lose a lot of this, partly because it might help him and his wife have a child that they desperately want. this is a project where you give something. how can we support patrick? blogging mogul john chow has decided to give him $1 per pound for the first 100 pounds he loses, and $2 per pound afterwards. john himself strikes quite a slim pose (how does he to that with all the hamburger eating???) but as we all know, his wallet is pretty fat. i can’t compete with that so i’ll have to think of how i’ll support patrick my own unique way.
  3. at breaking the mirror there is a contest about body image. what do you like about your body? definitely for both men and women. you have the chance to win a book.

that’s it for today. i’m off the computer in a minute. it’s nice and sunny outside, and my daughter, my grandson and i are going out for a walk. talk to you soon!

(this post was included in the dieting and health carnival at middle age shed)

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