creativity: a way out of depression?

john over at storied mind has taken up the thread of the discussion on creativity that i started a while ago with Psyblog and, creative person that he is, is talking about it in connection with depression. let me add a bit to that discussion. first of all, i’d like to say that if someone… Continue reading creativity: a way out of depression?

be playful? here are 7 ideas

recently, i discovered a new blog, and i immediately – what’s the word? – glommed on to it., that’s the name, and it says it all. i was able to persuade david to write a post for change therapy. here it is: i love being playful. being playful helps me to relax, to laugh… Continue reading be playful? here are 7 ideas

creativity blocks, metaphysics and individuality

in our last conversation about creativity, jeremy from PsyBlogs talks about the difference between “chaotic” and “ordered” creatives and then moves on to discuss creative blocks. recently, i came across a doctoral thesis in divinity that talks about the connection between chaos, creativity and spirituality. kurt sander from northern kentucky university points out the important… Continue reading creativity blocks, metaphysics and individuality

chaos and creativity

jeremy and i are having a cross-blog conversation about creativity. it all started with an article by jeremy that investigated the difficulty with explaining much of the creative process. my thoughts were that important aspects of creativity happen in “murky” places of the mind because it may just be in this very obscurity that new… Continue reading chaos and creativity