carnival of eating disorders, august 2008 edition

welcome to the august 2008 edition of the carnival of eating disorders! there is a lot of interesting material, so i’ll do the same that i do with the buddhist carnival and present the articles in two different posts. this first post will deal with anorexia. the second will deal with body image and overeating.… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders, august 2008 edition

social media mega project wrapup: twitter

two months ago, vivien at inspirationbit started the social media mega project. we are trying to create a place where all the social media wisdom is gathered together. my job was to gather blog posts on twitter. there are two social media tools that i feel quite passionate about. stumbleupon is one of them; the… Continue reading social media mega project wrapup: twitter

commenting is writing, too

once a while i like to share with you which blogs i’m reading and commenting on. sometimes it seems i spend way more time writing comments on others’ blogs than writing my own posts. so here you have a little taste of my blogospheric meanderings in the last few days: i can’t believe i overlooked… Continue reading commenting is writing, too

social media megaproject: twitter

good monday, everyone! many of you know how much i like twitter, the social media site. (if you’ve never been there, go visit here; if you’re looking for me there, you can find me here.) that’s why i’m really happy to be one of the hosts in my friend vivien’s social media mega project over… Continue reading social media megaproject: twitter

compassion and social media

the three wise men the three monks are inviting us to write about compassion. compassion: literally, to suffer (passion) with (com-) another. in latin, this suffering did not only refer to the suffering that occurs in pain, it also generally refers to things that we don’t actively instigate – things that happen to us, things… Continue reading compassion and social media

link love, relationships – and a treat

so much of blogging is about building relationships, and sometimes even friendships. and ideally, it’s not just about using relationships to further the blog; it’s about furthering relationships. maybe blogging can help us do that, can help us learn a bit about relationships. take this: linkfarming, linkbait, link begging and, urgh, link whoring. these words… Continue reading link love, relationships – and a treat