family therapy for people with eating disorders

from medicalnews a few days ago: bulimia treatment success doubles when parents involved in therapy mobilizing parents to help an adolescent overcome the disorder can double the percentage of teens who were able to abstain from binge eating and purging after six months. a team based at the university of chicago medical center showed that… Continue reading family therapy for people with eating disorders

7 ways to use writing for healing

yesterday i talked about the book writing yourself home. as i mentioned, it uses excerpts from women’s writings – some well-known, some not – to illustrate how we can use writing and journaling as a way of healing and self-discovery. here is one that i found interesting, about “matrophobia”, by ellen amber from her work… Continue reading 7 ways to use writing for healing

writing. books. synchronicity.

sometimes, life plonks you right in the middle of a coincidence. smack! there you are. or not. maybe it’s synchronicity. here’s a little example. my dear friend haedy gave me a book for my birthday: in buddha’s kitchen: cooking, being cooked, and other adventures in a meditation center. a wonderful confluence of goodness already: haedy… Continue reading writing. books. synchronicity.

canadian buzz

a few weeks ago, in my general enthusiasm for canadian blogs, i decided to participate in buzzcanuck’s 1% army of canadian blogs. what inspired me to participate in something with a military theme, i’ll never know – but what the hey, ey? so one of the things i’m supposed to do is “handshake” with my… Continue reading canadian buzz


at regular intervals (for example jeff, here), people comment on the use of lower case in my writing on this blog. here, finally, is an explanation: i started using lower case when i was 14, in my first love letter to my first boyfriend. at that point, my main goal in using only lower cases… Continue reading letter-writing