6 kinds of love

valentine’s day tomorrow. let’s talk about love. but what kind of love? we’re all familiar with eros – the heady, emotional high of romance, sexual love and infatuation. it makes the world go round; or, more specifically, it twirls the world in a spin. agape (pron. ah-gah-pay) is another type of love people often talk… Continue reading 6 kinds of love

identity guilt and oppression

i just spent a little time reading through joyce trebilcot’s dyke ideas, a “passionate and insightful contribution to lesbian philosophy.” seeing that a little while ago we had an interesting discussion on guilt here on this blog, her thoughts on “identity guilt” and “official guilt” were particularly interesting. what i here call identity guilt is… Continue reading identity guilt and oppression

cultural aspects of mental health

today you can find me over at GNIF brain blogger. october 10 was world mental health day. it focused on cultural aspects of mental health. you’ll find tidbits about the mental health among the black and latino GLBT community; mental health in india, including an interesting link to the diary of a mother whose daughter… Continue reading cultural aspects of mental health

rant: anglican qualifiers

“may i ask what age group you fall into? ok, thanks. do you work for a marketing company? no? good. and your household income? thank you. last question, what postal code do you live in? oh, V5W? i’m sorry, we already have the quota for people with your profile filled.” i’m sure you’ve all heard… Continue reading rant: anglican qualifiers


today is national day against homophobia. homophobia is about us over here versus them over there. look, these other people! they do X and say Y, and we don’t do and say that, so they’re outside of the fence and we’re inside. only there is no them. there is only we. and the fence is… Continue reading homophobia

self-righteous in surrey

“if teachers are going to use the film an inconvenient truth in the classroom, they should also have access to another documentary which challenges the academy-award winning movie’s premise, says a local school trustee.” this, my friends, we can find under the heading “school trustee demands ‘balance’ over gore movie use“. right. let me get… Continue reading self-righteous in surrey

transgender and mental illness: double stigma

kai wright at temenos writes: our culture depicts people whose discomfort with gender norms goes beyond being tomboys or feminine men as mere curiosity items for trash TV (“your woman is really a man!” episodes of jerry springer). this collective ignorance leaves transgendered people without much guidance. many go through puberty and into adulthood without… Continue reading transgender and mental illness: double stigma

malesque: (non)categorizing gender

this is another post by alex green, my lovely young assistant. it’s great to work with people whose minds are fresh and agile! here, alex picks up the thread from the post on international women’s day, where the term “male-esque” made an appearance. what does “male-esque” mean? to define male-esque is going against

an 18-year-old talks about international women’s day

hello, i’m isabella’s personal assistant. i’m an eighteen-year-old who has very strong views on the treatment and consideration of people in general. when isabella asked me to write something about international women’s day i was very intrigued and excited to be featured. cat’s lab tells us that celebrated on 8 march, international women’s day (IWD)… Continue reading an 18-year-old talks about international women’s day