frozen pea friday post: health and poverty

in last week’s frozen pea friday post – the weekly post about people dealing with cancer, inspired by susan reynolds and my friends who are dealing with cancer – we alluded to the difficulty of paying for the necessary care needed for people living with cancer. this immediately led me to thinking about the connection… Continue reading frozen pea friday post: health and poverty

up the down staircase

this is a guest post by my blogging and twitter friend alexander zoltai. it’s the story of how, down and out with alcohol and homelessness, he almost … well, read for yourself: at first, i was trying to push ahead when i really needed healing time. went from a homeless situation in ohio to florida… Continue reading up the down staircase

a buddhist carnival – march 2008

hello friends, and welcome to the march edition of the buddhist carnival. free tibet this is written while monks in tibet are asking/fighting/praying/protesting for a tibet that is free from occupation. after all, when we do metta, we say, “may all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be free.” danny… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – march 2008

homelessness and mental health

i recently found out that my friend aaron zacharias wrote an article on mental health and homelessness. you can find it at heretohelp, an e-zine dedicated to mental health. the article shows very clearly how mental health and homelessness interact. tenuous mental health, especially when coupled with adverse events such as divorce, workplace accidents, or,… Continue reading homelessness and mental health