researching motivation

a beautiful body, a calm mind, health into old age, a job that makes you bounce out of the bed in the morning with excitement – aaah, we all want it. and for many of us, these dreams area attainable. what often stands in the way is our sluggish attitude towards changing our ways to… Continue reading researching motivation

out of bounds! what’s possible?

joanna at confident writing has a neat new group writing project: the theme is possibility. the challenge, should you accept it, is this: 1. break out of your current blogging comfort zone and 2. post something that’s written in a form you haven’t used before, or that’s created using a different medium. a new form… Continue reading out of bounds! what’s possible?

reaching out with a poem

a while ago, my lovely online friend and fellow therapist sarah luczaj sent me a copy of her little book of poetry, an urgent request. such a small and unassuming book. so much yummy poetry in there. thaw if your silence should fall from balance, from form, from branches to water with a sliding sound… Continue reading reaching out with a poem

understanding understanding

after reading this morning that BC philosopher and counsel to psychologists sydney banks had died, i thought i’d write a bit about him.  alas, i cannot find in myself any interest in his work.  he talked about the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness. if there’s a sydney banks fan among you out there,… Continue reading understanding understanding

digging for a voice: reflections

a few reflections on the essay on women philosophers in the last post. one of the things i got from that course in women’s studies is a bit of a background in and also support for the concept of writing in and from the first voice, in writing from and about the particular: “what i… Continue reading digging for a voice: reflections

digging for a voice

what follows are excerpts from an essay i wrote in 1995 on women in philosophy, and how women’s voices often speak more to the particular (i.e. real life examples and experiences) rather than the general. it is interesting to look back on it, to see what’s still the case, and what has changed. in the… Continue reading digging for a voice