speaker line-up for mental health camp

yay! we now have the speakers list and topics for mental health camp, the conference about the intersection between social media and mental health.  more information on the topics will trickle in by the end of june.  if you want to sign up to come to this conference, go to our eventbrite page.  there will… Continue reading speaker line-up for mental health camp

small goals and SMART goals

more guest blogging!  yesterday and today, garfield is hosting two articles of mine about goal setting.  come and visit!  garfield is a good friend of mine.  he’s promised to write a post for me, as well – am very much looking forward to seeing what he has to say.

depression and exercise

exercise – it works for depression is the title of a post i wrote for brainblogger the other day. it is about a large-scale study, the SMILE study (standard medical intervention and long-term exercise, conducted at duke university), which found that vigorous exercise three times a week for half an hour or forty-five minutes reduced… Continue reading depression and exercise

german joke

i just made my first comment on a german psychiatrist’s blog! to celebrate this, i’m translating this joke here, which was one of his blog posts. back in december, the hospital hired three cannibals as janitors – john, frank and randy. it’s so difficult to get good help! on their first day, the human resource… Continue reading german joke

… and when and why is it ok to talk about mental health?

still thinking out loud … when and why do people get to talk about mental health? there seem to be certain circumstances that make it more acceptable or easy to talk about mental health. as i am writing this i am telling myself that i need to be careful not to sound too cranky. “the… Continue reading … and when and why is it ok to talk about mental health?