frozen pea friday: cancer and art for healing

for this week’s frozen pea friday post – a post for and about cancer survivors, following the frozen pea friday movement – i’d like to point you to an interesting project by ms. frozen pea friday herself, susan reynolds. susan is an artist, a mother, grandmother, prominent second life citizen, social media maven. and she… Continue reading frozen pea friday: cancer and art for healing

a buddhist carnival – 7th edition, part 1

welcome to the may 2008 edition of a buddhist carnival. this time around, we got another really good selection of articles. i don’t want to throw too much information at you – that wouldn’t be very buddhist, would it? – so i’ll present the carnival in two parts again. part 2 will arrive some time… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 7th edition, part 1

rich! richer! richest!

and today, just for the fun of it, because good ol’ john chow sent me there, here is a look into the crystal ball. try it yourself! 18,170,695how much money will you be worth?

be playful? here are 7 ideas

recently, i discovered a new blog, and i immediately – what’s the word? – glommed on to it., that’s the name, and it says it all. i was able to persuade david to write a post for change therapy. here it is: i love being playful. being playful helps me to relax, to laugh… Continue reading be playful? here are 7 ideas

mental health and cancer

for today’s “frozen pea friday” post on cancer, and because it’s national mental health week, i’ve interviewed someone on how she deals with the emotional effects of cancer. here’s what she says: i have 100% permission to have all the meltdowns i need to have (i.e. anger, crying spells) have a relationship with a psychotherapist… Continue reading mental health and cancer

mental health week: empowerment in the workplace

yesterday i had a wonderful conversation with dr. matthew b. james about the hawaiian spiritual system of huna. since this is national mental health week and the focus of this year’s mental health week is workplace mental health, i asked him about huna in the workplace. what is huna? first of all, what is huna?… Continue reading mental health week: empowerment in the workplace

wordless wednesday: mental health through photography

the image is by jackal, who says “i struggle with mental illness (borderline personality disorder) and i explore and express my world through photography and writing in which i believe there is no reality – only perception.”