a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 3

okay, here we go, part three of this month’s buddhist carnival. the first post is directly related to buddhism; the other ones discuss topics that are often dealt with in buddhist practice and literature. talking to your zen mind the middle way, you’re soaking in it is a post we can find at traviseneix, describing… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 3

a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 2

here’s part 2 of this month’s buddhist carnival, a conglomeration of voices from the buddhosphere. wonder where part 1 is? it’s here. integral buddhism my blogging friend william reflects on what he sees as a shortcoming in famous atheist sam harris‘ view of buddhism, which, william thinks, concentrates too much on the “technique” of meditation.… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 2

a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition

dear reader friends, here is the new buddhist carnival. i feel very fortunate to do this service to the – buddhosphere? and dear blogger friends, thank you so much for all the excellent submissions to the buddhist carnival. in keeping with the suggestions in our first post featured here, i have decided to break the… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition


there’s a new web site, prayer 2.0, with an interesting discussion regarding different ideas about prayer. my reply turned out to be quite long so i figured i’d simply post it here. one contributor said this, among other things: in my mind, “pray” is something you do when you don’t want to do anything yourself.… Continue reading prayer

a buddhist carnival – 1st edition!

this is really exciting – our first buddhist carnival! the plan is for this carnival to feature first and foremost articles that directly and specifically talk about buddhist practice, reflection and ideas. however, there will also be room for posts that may not explicitly mention buddhism but touch on concepts intrinsic to it. as adam… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 1st edition!

anorexia, appetites, and avoidance

gaining by aimee liu is a fascinating book. it’s about surviving anorexia and bulimia, and about and for survivors of these eating disorders. however, it’s so well written, and such a great mix of scientific information, journalism and autobiography, it would be a joy to read even for people who are not primarily interested in… Continue reading anorexia, appetites, and avoidance

a buddhist carnival

let’s start a buddhist carnival! blog carnivals, as many of you know, are readers’ digests of blog posts on specific topics. if you’ve been to this blog before, you probably know that this blog here hosts the carnival of eating disorders, and occasionally guest hosts the carnival of healing. apparently i can’t get enough of… Continue reading a buddhist carnival

time to eat or time to feel?

bad buddhist vs. the sixth precept is the title of a blog post by marie that was submitted to the last carnival of eating disorders. i was quite intrigued by it and would like to talk a bit more about it. buddhist precepts, says diane esshin rizzetto in waking up to what you do can… Continue reading time to eat or time to feel?