love and timelessness

some notes on love from deepak chopra’s ageless body, timeless mind: passion and commitment, love and dedication, self-worth and fulfillment – all are born in Being; they are qualities of the essential self that blossoms when you are free from narrow attachments moments of nonattachment are characterized by perceiving the inner world as an open… Continue reading love and timelessness

last minute, long-lasting christmas gifts

if you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that i’m generally not a big fan of prayers sent along via emails, or similar material (see my rant against the email with the prayer of saint theresa, for example). but once in a while something comes along in my inbox that really touches me.… Continue reading last minute, long-lasting christmas gifts

cats, sanskrit, and 9 kinds of love – or was it 96?

first thing this morning, i opened the kitchen door and let rum in, our cat. i bent down, stroked her thick gray fur, and told her how beautiful she was. i love rum. this love is tinged with admiration. we call her our zen cat; she is one of the most even-tempered creatures (humans or… Continue reading cats, sanskrit, and 9 kinds of love – or was it 96?

6 kinds of love

valentine’s day tomorrow. let’s talk about love. but what kind of love? we’re all familiar with eros – the heady, emotional high of romance, sexual love and infatuation. it makes the world go round; or, more specifically, it twirls the world in a spin. agape (pron. ah-gah-pay) is another type of love people often talk… Continue reading 6 kinds of love

a buddhist carnival – 3rd edition, part 1

welcome, friends, to january’s edition of a buddhist carnival. like last time, i’ll divide it into two parts, just to make it a bit easier to read. let’s start with fellow therapist wayne c. allen, who talks about non-duality at the phoenix centre blog. non-duality … is about loosening one’s grip on “one note being”.… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 3rd edition, part 1

merry christmas, spammers!

a few years ago on easter, first united church in vancouver’s downtown eastside carried a cross through the neighbourhood. it was a big, simple cross – and there were needles stuck all over it. the christ of the drug addicts. an image i will never forget. there is much about the message of the new… Continue reading merry christmas, spammers!

a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 2

here’s part 2 of this month’s buddhist carnival, a conglomeration of voices from the buddhosphere. wonder where part 1 is? it’s here. integral buddhism my blogging friend william reflects on what he sees as a shortcoming in famous atheist sam harris‘ view of buddhism, which, william thinks, concentrates too much on the “technique” of meditation.… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 2nd edition, part 2