stand up against poverty

as promised, a video about poverty every day this week – blog action day week. this one is a moving piece from last year’s day against poverty. again, i want to take this opportunity and both thank some people who have been good to me, and also shamelessly use this linkbait to draw everyone’s attention… Continue reading stand up against poverty

october buddhist carnival – about poverty

the first part of the october buddhist carnival is entirely dedicated to the topic of blog action day 2008: poverty. longing for the begging bowl as usual, we start with a poem. here is a translation from malayalam into in english by k p pradesh – a poem by koyamparambath satchidanandan buddha, this earth is… Continue reading october buddhist carnival – about poverty

pants for poverty

tomorrow is blog action day, and the topic is poverty. i figured, why not post about poverty for the rest of the week? here’s a video by my mennonite friends. the mennonite central committee does an incredible amount of work in the areas of poverty and social action in general. and … the other thing… Continue reading pants for poverty

walking away from guilt: a conversation, part 2

this is a continuation of my blog post a little while ago on helping a person overcome guilt. clara’s and my exchanges were a conversation, with a thread going through it of questions (on my part) and replies (on carla’s). at the end of our process, i asked clara to tell me which questions were… Continue reading walking away from guilt: a conversation, part 2

thank you, mental illness awareness bloggers

today concludes the last day of mental illness awareness week, and the beginning of canadian thanksgiving. i’d like to give thanks, then, to all the bloggers who’ve written about this topic. here is a small selection of them: mental health and poverty the kick-off of “mental illness awareness week” in canada is coming with the… Continue reading thank you, mental illness awareness bloggers

“my computer is my horse” – isabella’s artist statement

yesterday, sarah luczaj talked about her experience of the connection between therapy and creativity. today it’s my turn. i dug up an artists’ statement i wrote three years ago, and which still holds true. i write and perform poems, and as a counsellor, i accompany people on their journey as they perform the art of… Continue reading “my computer is my horse” – isabella’s artist statement

therapy and creativity

this is a guest post by sarah luczaj, a british therapist and writer, living in poland. she runs an online therapy practice  at and has a poetry chapbook, “an urgent request” coming soon from fortunate daughter press.  sarah and i met through the counselling resource blog at i never quite manage to concentrate… Continue reading therapy and creativity

heroes of healing: thich nhat hanh

this is my contribution to jennifer mannion’s heroes of healing project. it’s a project where bloggers write about people who put helping others ahead of whatever might come in the way. the people on this list have gone against the norm and had to put mainstream thinking aside to get their message across. they have… Continue reading heroes of healing: thich nhat hanh