walking through walls: memoir of a psychic

i’ve marked at least 30 pages in walking through walls, the intriguing memoir of lew smith, eccentric husband, exorcist, vegetarian, psychic, healer, lover – and last not least, decorator to the rich and famous, the “king of beads”, the father of the bead curtain. as well as father of philip smith, loving and perplexed son,… Continue reading walking through walls: memoir of a psychic

psychoanalysis, a village priest, blogging, pizza and tuva

apparently this is meme week. i saw this on airdrie’s blog the other day and managed to resist but then i saw it on raul’s blog and, well, i just had to partake. it’s really simple – if you want to be interviewed by someone who’s participating, just let them know, and they’ll send you… Continue reading psychoanalysis, a village priest, blogging, pizza and tuva

meme mosaic on a wordless wednesday

what’s this all about? ask danette! kudos to: 1. tribal acceptance…, 2. covered bridge, 3. beyond the suicide barrier, 4. swaggy the swagman (self proclaimed), 5. untitled, 6. a moment of tension-guts (9/9), 7. nanowrimo week 3, 8. on a lark, 9. kinder surprise, 10. yellowknife-eagle, 11. easy going attitude, 12. red

carnival of eating disorders #23 – part 2

here’s part 2 of eating disorders carnival #23, a monthly blog carnival about eating disorders, body image and related issues. part 1 is here. intuitive eating: challenge the food police through thick’n’thin has a series of posts where the book “intuitive eating” by evelyn tribole and elyse resch is discussed. the book contains ‘the in-body… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #23 – part 2

11 from 2008

the other day i discovered postrank, (thanks, beth) which ranks your blog’s post according to some algorithm of popularity, interactivity, etc. these 11 are among the highest-ranked entries here for last year. it’s a nice way to look back on 2008, and also to start saying some much-needed thanks. for each post, i’ve included a… Continue reading 11 from 2008

happiness in the new year

happy new year to all! what more should i say? of course i want you all to be happy. but what does that mean? what does happiness mean? so many different things to different people. “contentment with one’s situation,” i read somewhere today, “is the greatest happiness one can have.” definitely, that is one great… Continue reading happiness in the new year