canadian thanksgiving: 20 things i’m thankful for

i’m thankful for the smell of the blanket my daughter likes to use on the sofa the dimples in my older grandson’s cheeks the sweet little voice of my younger grandson the particular shade of purple of the asters on my front yard i like thinking about the specifics, somehow it gives my gratitude more… Continue reading canadian thanksgiving: 20 things i’m thankful for

mental illness awareness week 2009

today marks the end of mental illness awareness week. here are some bloggers who wrote about it, and a poem a rant against mental illness awareness week and the desire to decrease stigma around mental illness about childhood schizophrenia, by a blogger who wants to set yo head straight this week appears to be supported… Continue reading mental illness awareness week 2009

blog action day

october 15 is blog action day. blog action day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day.┬áthe aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion. the goal first and last, the purpose of blog action day is to create a discussion. bloggers… Continue reading blog action day

the dalai lama in vancouver

last week i had the pleasure again to see the dalai lama. the topic of the talk was women and peacebuilding. i’d like to share with you my notes, taken down as closely as possible in his delightful language. this is the third time i’ve seen the dalai lama. one of the things that i… Continue reading the dalai lama in vancouver

understanding acceptance

last month we had a conversation about acceptance, and i’d like to continue it. evan said, “i think changing the world can be valuable, too.” maybe there is no either/or between acceptance and making changes. to accept comes from the latin, meaning to receive (as in “UPS delivered a parcel for you, and i accepted… Continue reading understanding acceptance


i’ve been so tired these last few days, i’m just going to post this image. image by tambako the jaguar