blog action day: buddhists and climate change

once again, blog action day and the october buddhist carnival fall on the same date. let me present to you, then, a few colourful strands from that corner of the blogosphere where buddhism and climate change intersect. icebergs are buddhist monks we always start that buddhist carnival with a poem. here is an excerpt from… Continue reading blog action day: buddhists and climate change

the dalai lama in vancouver

last week i had the pleasure again to see the dalai lama. the topic of the talk was women and peacebuilding. i’d like to share with you my notes, taken down as closely as possible in his delightful language. this is the third time i’ve seen the dalai lama. one of the things that i… Continue reading the dalai lama in vancouver

buddhist carnival – september 2009 edition

welcome to the september edition of the buddhist carnival, where we showcase treasures from the buddhasphere. today we have compassion and helping hands, cockcroaches, sleep, returning to the centre and a bunch of (no)selves. as always, let’s start off with a poem: we dance around in a ring and suppose; but the secret sits in… Continue reading buddhist carnival – september 2009 edition

august 2009 buddhist carnival

here’s the buddhist carnival again! last month my blog was still sick and the carnival didn’t happen. glad to be back for august. the buddhist carnival is a romp / surf / drive / ride through the buddhist blogosphere (blugghasphere?) and today’s menu brings you posts on music, fashion, family, war, wishy-washy buddhism, persisting through the agony… Continue reading august 2009 buddhist carnival

june 2009 buddhist carnival

for those of you who are not familiar with this blog, every 15th of the month i post a collection of posts about buddhist topics.  it all started as a contribution to blog carnival in november 2007.  over time, i emancipated myself from blog carnival but the name remains.  blog carnivals are themed “readers digests”… Continue reading june 2009 buddhist carnival


kerr cuhulain is my favourite wiccan author so i was delighted to find out he now has a blog. kerr cuhulain believes in cultivating virtues (he calls them codes of chivalry), and proposes to focus on a specific one every month. may is related to self discipline.  in thinking about that, i looked around the… Continue reading self-discipline

homophobia, the 4 noble truths, and the 8-fold path

today, on the international day against homophobia and transpobia, i’d like to gather a few thoughts on homophobia in view of the four noble truths, the core ideas of buddhism. there is suffering – giving birth, aging, illness, etc. in the pali text, there are two things that specifically apply here, i believe: “union with… Continue reading homophobia, the 4 noble truths, and the 8-fold path

buddhist carnival, may 2009 – the mixed-bag-it’s-all-connected edition

may 15 – time for another buddhist carnival. if you want to see previous buddhist carnivals, go here. today there is no topic, really, just a criss-cross romp through the buddhasphere. another enlightenment machine … like the one you see depicted to the right. here are some explanations i have made an exciting new “thought… Continue reading buddhist carnival, may 2009 – the mixed-bag-it’s-all-connected edition